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10Mbps speed drop after months of stability due to HH5

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10Mbps speed drop after months of stability due to HH5

Hi, Replaced the separate BT modem and Plusnet router with the Home Hub 5 and noticed an immediate speed drop, I have been syncing for the last couple of months at 77.4 and getting between 73-74 downstream (A lot of tests). When I connected the HH5 the sync speed was 70 Downstream and 19.58 Upstream this was reflected on the Plusnet "current line speed" and has been the first drop I've had in sync speed since the service was installed. Knowing that this is likely due to the HH5 as it started out testing at 72-73 downstream then getting slower. I have now reconnected the Openreach modem and the HH5 is connected to it and the sped has been increasing (getting closer to the sync speed of 69.4) but testing at around 65-66.
Previous BT wholesale tests have shown my line capable of delivering around 77-78 down and 18-19 up, i have tried twice today to access the "Further Diagnostics" but keep getting an error.
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Plusnet Staff
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Re: 10Mbps speed drop after months of stability due to HH5

Hi ShelleyT,
If you could ensure that the original set up is connected, please leave this in placed without any disruptions and your speeds should return to normal, however, it could take anywhere up to 9 days. If you'd like to, after this point, you can swap over to your HH5 (I'd advise sticking with the Openreach Modem and supplier router though).
Chris Pettitt
Cloud Environments Engineer