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wrong numbers - change of VoIP number?

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wrong numbers - change of VoIP number?

Hi folks
I don't use the VoIP much for incoming calls at the moment. However the majority of calls I get - probably at the moment 1 every other day but the frequency is definitely increasing - are wrong numbers. Mostly people trying to contact British Gas but also for Tiscali and others. On several occasions I've received voicemail messages which have had people (often elderly) leaving meter readings.
Now on the one hand I think - stupid people, why don't you listen to my voicemail message - it's pretty clearly not BG (you don't have to wait an hour to get through) or Tiscali etc. But it's not a one-off.
Given I've not shared my VoIP number with many people it wouldn't give me a problem to change it. Can someone advise how I might be able to do this? At the moment it's not satisfactory for me and I'd sooner get rid of it entirely than continue to confuse elderly people and more.

(not on behalf of any national or international utility companies)
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Re: wrong numbers - change of VoIP number?

Just raise a ticket in the normal way
I never had this problem it sounds a right pain in the rear