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voip answerphone message not working

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voip answerphone message not working

I uploaded a .wav answerphone message to my account about 1.5 hrs ago. It has still to appear as the message when called. The file is present in the Voice prompts section however in the accounts section where it is possible to select an outgoing message the only options are default and none.
have i missed something?
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Re: voip answerphone message not working

Nor sure if you have fixed your issue, I've been setting up VOIP as I will be using it when I work from home during the Olympics, these instructions are from VOIP welcome email
You can access your Voicemail by dialing *1 from your broadband phone. Alternatively, you may dial 0870 861 6661 from any telephone line. When prompted, enter your mailbox number (xxxxxxxx) and your pin code (xxxxx).
To setup your message use option 0 then option 1, I found this easier than using the VOIP control panel.