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sj phone on vista

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Registered: 01-08-2007

sj phone on vista

Ive set up the sj phone software on my new laptop running vista inc sp1.  I can make and recieve calls but there is a delay on the voice at the other end. Any ideas how to stop this please
Thanks Undecided
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Registered: 26-11-2007

Re: sj phone on vista

Gradwell have 2 prefixes which allow the call to be routed differently through their network. The prefixes are as follows:
Please put these in front of the number to be dialled and see if this fixes it for you.
Now these may work or they may not make any difference. If one fixes your problem then let us know which one and we can get Gradwell to put it on permanently for you.You can either reply here, call us or raise a ticket on your account.