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siptapi project

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Registered: 28-09-2007

siptapi project

I've been attempting to try out this little bit of open-source code that is supposed to allow calls direct from Outlook through your sip connection, and it's supposed to work with any sip provider and/or IP phone.
The software is available at and the info about it is at
The software correctly does an "INVITE" to my IP phone which rings correctly but then fails to get the sip server to respond to the "REFER".
Has anyone tried this software?
Will it work on the PlusNet platform?
I have Wireshark network trace and DebugView logs taken during the call process is they are of any help. I have been in contact with the software provider whose advice is to check the required format of the request to the sip server. Can anyone help there?
It would be a great bit of software if it can be made to work as designed.
Thanks in advance.
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Re: siptapi project

it should work, but we've never quite got round to figuring it out. if you want to do some debugging, please email me directly -