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server is not responding message

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Registered: 13-07-2010

server is not responding message

HI there

I have just joined plusnet voip service.. i am running windows 7.. and downloaded sjphone 1.65
followed all the instructions on the website for setup and its saying server is not responding.. when try to connect
any ideas please
thanks Smiley
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Re: server is not responding message

Hi Chrism,
Welcome to the forums.
I'm not sure that SjPhone works too well with Windows 7, although its usually sound problems rather than registration failure.
You might want to look at this thread,85221.0.html and try 3cx or voiper instead of SjPhone.
There's some settings on that thread for voiper if you're unsure how to configure it.
I hope that helps. Post back and let us know if you get it working OR if you need more help.