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"Outbound Proxy" setting

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"Outbound Proxy" setting

I note that some users report successful set-ups not using an outbound proxy setting. On the Gradwell support portal I found the following under the heading Standard settings for most SIP Phones/devices:"There will be no need to use the outbound proxy if your adaptor/phone has a static public IP address assigned to it."
Does this apply when one is using the VoIP trial service "" hosted by Gradwell if one is using a Plusnet account with a static IP address? In which case would the reliability of the service be improved if the outbound proxy setting was also ""?
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Re: "Outbound Proxy" setting

This message applies to almost all SIP services and means if the device you are using has a public IP assigned to it directly.
For the majority of our customers, regardless of having a Static or Dynamic IP, this will not be the case. This situation requires that you have a block of IPs or have a router that will transparently push the data into your internal network (The X-Modem is the only one I know that does this).
One exception to this is customers that have a modem/router with a built in SIP client, such as the Draytek Vigor 2600.