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newest x-lite web cam problem...

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newest x-lite web cam problem...

Hi there, newest x-lite, running on Windows 7 Ultimate, when I switch on the pc x-lite is set to run at start-up but it starts the webcam too, so although it's minimised, sitting on the taskbar 'ready for action!' the webcam is on and running all day unless everyone remembers to open x-lite and close the left hand window to shut off the web cam.
It didn't use to do this, although latterly in Vista it did too, any thoughts (I can't find anything in the setup... but that's probably just me!)
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Re: newest x-lite web cam problem...

It looks like its not possible to disable video on the latest X-Lite
from the counterpath forums:-
Weakness: The video drawer opens by default. I wish to have an option to have it closed by default because I don't want my camera activated on each x-lite startup,
especially when I've selected the camera option "none" (and have disabled video acceleration).