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Zoom 5800 ATA

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Registered: 08-08-2007

Zoom 5800 ATA

I've seen the odd post previously about the Zoom 5800 ATA but nobody's posted a comprehensive set of settings.  I've got a Zoom 5800 ATA and I've hacked into it with the administrator password but I can't seem to get the right SIP settings.  I think some of the problems may be to do with getting to it through my router but even when I change to a different router and put the Zoom 5800 in its DMZ (and give it a static IP) I can't get it to work.
I did get as far as getting a dialling tone once (but I'm not even getting that now) but when I dialled a number I got a fast kind of tone (even though the other number definitely wasn't engaged) and the number I rang didn't ring.
If anyone could send me screen dumps of their successful Zoom 5800 setup I'd be really grateful.  You can e-mail andrea at allaboutresources dot co dot uk
Thanking you.
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Registered: 29-10-2007

Re: Zoom 5800 ATA

Best bet would be to post the settings you have already and that should get things rolling.