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Voice Over Linux Internet (VOLI)

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Voice Over Linux Internet (VOLI)

I found it fidlely to  kick start the VOIP trial  on my Linux desktop using xlite version2.
MY PC  is running  OpenSuSe10.2.
I can now however make calls successfully.
If any one cares to help test my incoming calls my number is 01862808243 or sip 6748243.

Cheers Richard

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Re: voip over linux (VOL) so near yet so far

I know this is not helpful - but I suceeded in trying out the VOIP in Linux (Ubuntu) on, if I remember correctly, "Ekiga softphone" (ubuntu application) and also the recommended download (xlite or similar).
Both worked - Ekiga performed best but xlite had the better user interface. Ekiga has a "setup Druid" and asks you to prepay to (but that's optional).
I gave up on both - I was using a dirt cheap ebay headset. The microphone was insensitive and the headphones needed to be turned up. To use it properly I would have to get a proper phone.
I've just had a look in the ubuntu applications (apt-get etc) and twinklephone - see looks rather good. I think it might only be available for latest version ubuntu.
I might give it another go myself.