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VoIP and billing sucks

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VoIP and billing sucks

My VoIP phone can no longer dial out "reason code 503" which is what I got for many days when I first signed up for Broadband phone, I asked for but never got a got a refund for those days it was unusable.
But guess what, a new billing period and now I can't dial out again.
Plusnet sort you fubar billing system out, I've been a customer with you for just over 1 month, and I'm averaging some billing problem or other every 4 days or so.
And whilst your always nice, polite and want to solve "my problem" no one ever takes me seriously when I say your process and system seriously fucked.
Now call me, get this mess sorted.
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Re: VoIP and billing sucks

Hi, please raise a question and PM me the question ID and I get it picked up for you.