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VOIP and Samsung Officeserv PBX

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Registered: 19-10-2012

VOIP and Samsung Officeserv PBX

I wonder if anyone has tried to configure a Samsung Officeserv 7000 series PBX with plusnet VOIP. I've got the system partially running whereby I can receive called to by SIP number, but when I try to make outgoing calls I get OPP BUSY error. I can't see any reason for this in the PBX setup. My XLite setup works perfectly.
Any suggestions as to the magic setting I need to change?
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Re: VOIP and Samsung Officeserv PBX

I have looked at the account and platform and can see your PBX has complete SIP registration normally. This was also confirmed by the fact you can receive calls.
Further review shows no blocked outbound calls due to any IP restrictions or other reasons in the last 24 hours.
There is plenty of credit on the account so no reason for this.
Is your PBX capable of creating a SIP trace?
You say X-Lite work fine, but there is no record of any outbound calls being made on your account?