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Topping up

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Registered: 25-01-2011

Topping up

I got a top up warning from the system. I went through the top up wizard and a few days later I was asked to call customer services as you could not charge my credit card without a call. I just called and spent twenty minutes, mainly queuing for customer services, but then technical services for neither of them to know how to top up VOIP.
While I think you training needs some work - can we please have a way to top up online that doesn't require me to phone you?
Oh, and can I please top up my account - its still not done?
(Should add - everyone has been very nice - its just a frustrating process)
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Community Gaffer
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Re: Topping up

Sorry for the frustration.
Due to the lack of integration between our CRM platform and supplier's systems, I can't see the integration piece happening any time soon Sad
I'll nudge your ticket request in the appropriate direction.

Bob Pullen
Plusnet Products Team
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