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Slow response times

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Slow response times

Ive got an Asterisk box at home which registers both with a couple of sipgate accounts and my plusnet VoIP account. Whilst the sipgate accounts always have good response times for the heartbeat (between about 40-60ms), the PlusNet account regularly has appalling response times ranging from 1500ms to even 4500ms. Im using the IP
This has all sorts of implications, including tonight calls that were workign but that I never got a ringing tone for...As soon as the response times improved, the calls worked properly with ringing tones.
Being on a Plusnet ADSL line (and infact LLU fixed line from PlusNet) I would have hoped that if anything I would get better response time from their registrar rather than Sipgate.
Can anyone help please?
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Re: Slow response times

I believe there have been some network issues lately. You say you are on LLU , isnt that the same gateway that is being used for the 21CN trial ?
You may want to look at some of the other posts regarding network issues and add your comments to those (as they seem to attract attention more that this forum) , and/or raise a fault ticket.
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Re: Slow response times,75951.16.html
it could be related the latency issue but the past few days have returned to normal but since the latency improved packet loss started to happen manily midnight-1am so dont know if this would be your problem or not