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Setting Voicemail Greetings in X-Lite

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Registered: 24-03-2011

Setting Voicemail Greetings in X-Lite

I am trying to set up voicemail greetings in X-Lite and not having much luck.
I get that a "pound symbol" is the hash key so hit that once I've finished recording and then can't find any option to either listen back or set it as the greeting to use and just get beeps when I press any numeric key.
Please can anyone help?
Many Thanks.
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Re: Setting Voicemail Greetings in X-Lite

Hello again Claire, sorry to hear that you've given up on the Siemens. As MisterW says they are great when they are working and it may well be worth you buying a new model as the the savings on VOIP can lead to quite a short pay back period. Anyway on to your question about voice mail ...
I’m not a user of X-Lite myself but there are some generic voice mail set-up instructions here If you have a specific problem with X-Lite, I’m sure there will be other users who will be able to help you.