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Set Up on T-Mobile N95

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Set Up on T-Mobile N95

I'm new to the trial and I thought that I would share my experience. I have set up the X-Lite software on my home computer without any problem. I already have Fring on my T-mobile N95. I have a Web and Walk extension to my T-Mobile contract and I have played about with Skype, though only using WiFi sites because my  T-Mobile package does not allow VOIP calls.
I downloaded the Fring software from the PlusNet link but it would not work when I tried replacing the already installed Fring software (it was just as it had been before the download, no SIP capability). I then removed my old Fring software and did a 'clean' install. This has worked fine and I have just finished an 01 call, using the SIP on Fring, using the N95 connected via my home WiFi.
I have tried to connect to Fring via T-Mobile, just to see if would log on rather than try to make a call. It would not log on. I guess that T-Mobile are blocking this capability. I resumed the connection via my WiFi without any difficulty.
The really interesting thing is when I phoned my VOIP 01 phone number from my home phone. Not only did it ring out on my computer, it also rang out on my WiFi connected mobile.  This raises a possibility of being out and about and, if close to a WiFi, of allowing someone to call my mobile on my VOIP 01 number rather than the more expensive mobile number. This presupposes that I can legitimately access a WiFi while out and about and that I am not committing some form of consumer heresy which will bring down the wroth of service providers upon me. Still, boundaries are there to be tested.
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Re: Set Up on T-Mobile N95

Welcome to the PlusNet Community site! Thanks for sharing your experience, theres more Fring information available at this thread:,58951.16.html
I know that T-Mobile has been raised before as a potential supplier who have default settings which restrict the resilience/use of SIP calls, might be worth chatting to them directly to see what they can do - it may be that the data transfer allowance is configured in such a way which causes problems. With regards to the connectivity side of things you can set your handset to auto connect where a WLAN/Wifi is available but be careful as this can completely chew up your data allowance.