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Problems setting up Hardware VoIP

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Problems setting up Hardware VoIP

I'm quite new to VoIP, I've had a Xlite softfone with sipgate for about a year now, working fine, but i needed it 24/7, so hardware was needed. I bought a fairly good voip phone (linksz - CS-820) off ebay (yea, cheap but it should work)
I've had it register and make a small outgoing call to the echo line on entacall,
but incoming calls and outgoing calls fail (recorded message ''cannot complete call, please contact customer services'')
It freezes up with sipgate setting, and it registers on plus.nets fine, but same no incoming/outgoing calls.
I also do not know the number for plusnets echo line.
This would make me think its a Port, Routing,  codecs or extension could be setup wrong.
My settings are: (This phone does not recognise web addresses - wont register)
Address: (
Port:  5060
Domain Name: (
Send Registration Request with Expire Time  3600
Outbound Proxy IP: (
Outbound Proxy Port: 5082
STUN:  (xten)
OOB Signalling: Send DTMF : Out Of Band (RFC2833)
Codecs: G711U & G711A & G729 (Silence suppression off)
I've set the phone up as a DMZ zone on the router, but i have also setup port forwarding and rules in the firewall for ports 6050, 10000-20000.
So can someone let me know where im going wrong, and the test number to call.
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Re: Problems setting up Hardware VoIP

Your Outbound Proxy is not correct , it should be
You really ought to use for the domain name instead of sip2, as sip2 will be decommissioned soon.
You shouldnt need any port forwarding if its in the DMZ.
Again if its in the DMZ you really shouldnt need an outbound proxy as thats there to solve the NAT traversal problem.
I'd try it first without the proxy but in the DMZ, and then with the proxy but not in the DMZ and see what happens.
I think the echo line is 7000 but I'm not sure...