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Not working that great really

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Not working that great really

First, when you sign up for the anytime package the website says the cost is £4.88 per month, but then when you actually sign up its £4.99, indeed when I checked through all the VoIP packages the headline charge figure made no sense vs. the detail when you actually sign up.
Second, when you sign up, the text says you should be pay by CC or DD, but then offers you no option except CC.
Third, when you sign up it says the anytime minutes start as soon as you sign up.  They don't, I've been waiting nearly 24 hours (and have been charged the standing charge whilst I wait) and I still can't make calls as part of my package.
Fourth, calls to Plusnet (their 0845 number) are not free, they are charged and in the middle of talking to them last night I got cut off when my 50p of free credit ran out, and I'm now 4p in debt to Plusnet for calling Plusnet to try and get their service to work.
Fifth, the email Plusnet send you, to inform you that your credit is low contains both bad formatting (50p is expressed as £0.5) and contains spurious characters (the £ character is bookended with capital, umlated A's).
One good feature (for some of us) is that the Gradwell and Plusnet extension numbers are actually in the same contiguous range, so you can dial each just by dialing the extension number.
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Re: Not working that great really

Thanks for flagging these problems, would you be able to get URL's / screenshots so I can raise problems please?