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No ausio inbound or outbound

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No ausio inbound or outbound

Smiley Ok so here is my set up.
Netgear dg834N router
Win 7 pc running home premium.
sjphone installed set up and connected can make and receive calls.
Creative USB Gaming Headset HS-950
Now here is the issue.
Although i can make and receive calls i cannot here either the caller and the caller cannot here me. (no audio )
I have forwarded the relevant port for sip in the router just in case its a firewall issue. the headset works fine in Skype so I know its working, i have also tried setting this as default in the sound control panel in windows again still no audio.
Does anyone have any idea's please ?

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Re: No ausio inbound or outbound

SjPhone is getting very old now, and has a few bugs,  I'd avoid it.
I tend to only use softphones occasionally, most of my voip usage is via a hardware IP Phone.
Having said that I've used X-Lite and 3CX successfully on Windows. I use Twinkle on Linux and cSipSimple on Android.