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New Fring software release

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New Fring software release

You may of noticed that Fring have launched 'Add-Ons' - an open API section of the client and they will soon deploy a Java (J2ME) client soon too! The latest Fring update includes additional tabs which you can customise with your own favourtie applications. If you open the software and go to Options>Settings>Manage add-ons you can customise the available tabs with a whole bunch of applications which are now Fring ready. This was actually launched a couple of months ago so it may be common knowledge to some but if you didnt know then you've probably just realised that this upgrade has delivered a whole lot more value into the client and a lot more options for future development as well.
New customers can get Fring from a form which can be completed and submitted through the > 'Account overview' pages. If you already have Fring and want to upgrade to the latest version you can upgrade by following the instructions at the link below:
Its very simple for users to update the existing version of fring they have on their mobiles but unfortunately there is no auto update facility on fring ....yet. So, in the meantime visit and download the software again or use the link above. There is no need for you to uninstall the version of fring you already have as it will automatically replace it on your handset.

Applications supported by the Fring client:

  • Facebook tab where you can link up to your messages, view freidn requests and photos etc

  • Gmail notifier - notifies you of any new emails received and downloads directly onto your device

  • Orkut tab - another social networking style site

(+many more to come)
**The idea is that there will more add-ons in the future which you can easily subscribe too through an Add-Ons list. Its recommended that you sign up for the specified services through the web then simply login to the portals via the Fring software. Fring are planning to add more add-ons like the ones listed above in the coming months so keep an eye out - if your a keen developer you can also work with Fring Developers to develop an add-on that you think might be useful. See for more info **
More information can be found at this link:
Want to know what else Fring are up to? Here's some excerpts from the Fring newsletter....
minifring for Java ME (mobile Java)

Following popular request for fring to be available on mid-range phones, Fring have developed a lite
version called minifring especially for Java ME devices that don’t support voice over IP
calling. minifring has the same fantastic fring user experience, with rich multi-IM chat,
presence (contact availability indicators) and many more fring features coming soon.
See: (foot of the page)
Finally fringing hands free!
It’s been in the works a long time but finally we’re proud to announce speaker phone
support for Nokia Symbian 9.2 devices (such as the N95)!
Send & receive Yahoo & Skype files via fring
fring-to-fring file transfer, released earlier this year, has been a big hit; so now with Yahoo
and Skype file transfer letting you swap music, pictures, video clips and other files, you can
(almost) dispose of your PC Smiley.
So have fun with mobile-to-mobile and mobile-to-PC file transfer without MMS, cable,
Bluetooth or Infrared. It’s quick, reliable and of course free over WiFi or your 3G internet
data plan!
Would love to hear peoples feedback on this one - sorry for not posting it in the Fring thread already available just thought this was good news to shout about!  Cheesy
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Re: New Fring software release

Nimbuzz (
is a lot more stble and works better for me.
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Re: New Fring software release

Thanks Rich after reading you entry I went ahaed and updated fring in my nokia e61i. 
Glad to say all my account settings were retained and everything working.  Smiley
This version of fring seems more stable.  The previous version had a problem of locking up. Happyly the problem appears to be resolved in the new version.
Cheers Richard