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Loss of credit

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Registered: 21-10-2007

Loss of credit

I am running an asterix PBX and lost conention on last Monday due to the move. I work away during the week and was not able to reboot to update the DNS until today. I have found that I cannot call any mobiles and o8 no's as my cerdit seems to have gone walkabout and I am -5p. I have raised a ticket.
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Re: Loss of credit

I've copied this information to the ticket as well....
I have no record of a top-up on your account. If you wish to request a top-up on your trial account please go to and request credit to be added through the contact us wizard. We did provide you with 50p credit as a welcome gift and this has now been used up on your account. Please note that your allowance provides free calls to 01/02 numbers.