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Loss of Inbound number

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Registered: 23-12-2007

Loss of Inbound number

I have just read terms and conditions for using Plusnet's Broadband Phone.  If I dont use the phone for at least 2 minutes a month I might lose my local inbound number.  An interesting legal point:  Can I lose a service that I have paid for in advance?  This is a major reason for not giving contacts my Plusnet Broadland Phone number.  My last vacation was for more than a month.
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Re: Loss of Inbound number

we're in the process of re-assessing this t&c. We currently only enforce this policy on PAYG accounts which have not had an inbound or outbound call (worth 2 mins) for the last 3 months. We'll be revamping the T&Cs and FAQs in the next few months - in the meantime, if your paying for subscription VoIP or on any other free account (apart from PAYG) we wont remove your number. When a number is removed from a Gradwell account there is also a grace period which allows you to get the number back even if you were away for 3 months anyway so we'll be working that into the T&Cs as well - there wont be anything detrimental added over and above what we already have, our suppliers are far more versatile.
Basically, we needed that particular term due to lack of 0845 numbers we had. Now we've got ours and Gradwell's in the number pool to pick from and we'll continue to get more allocated from Ofcom as and when we need them.