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It works straight out of the box. Wonderful

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Registered: 23-12-2007

It works straight out of the box. Wonderful

OS is Vista.  Static IP.  No STUN server
Softphone is Express Talk (Works every time with any SIP provider, Sipgate, Orbtalk, Draytel, Callcentric and old Plustalk)
Plustalk worked straight away, made a few calls to test it and had my son call me.  10/10
Grandstream 2000.  Old plus talk was very sporadic and for the last month refused to register.  Changed to the Voip trial plustalk and it just worked.  Made a few calls, wonderful.
I must recommend Express Talk.  The program cost me $20 but is very easy to configure and just works every time.  It give me six lines.
Are all my problems over with PlusTalk Voip?  I was starting to think maybe I was at fault.  (Nah dont be stupid, you are never wrong)
Will we be able to keep this local number that we have been allocated?
If anyone wants any advice on Express Talk get in touch. (No I don't use AOL, but the webmail is great now that I have sorted out IMAP on AOL)
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Re: It works straight out of the box. Wonderful

Yes, you will be able to keep your assigned geographic number, glad things are working better for you on the new platform - we have had teething problems with our own Broadband Phone platform i strongly believe that we can really drive the use of VoIP forward now that we have a stable platform.