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Invalid Emergency Address Data

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Invalid Emergency Address Data

I've received an email to say my emergency address data is incorrect, but they are correct!
has anyone else had this issue?
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Re: Invalid Emergency Address Data

Yes, I've had such a message, too – this after a similar message a while back, yet my address is, was, and always has been correct – and in the format used by the Royal Mail.
The message in the Control Panel says, "Some of your emergency addresses may not have been rejected by the upstream provider" (this copied and pasted, so no mistake) – so it appears only valid addresses are a problem! (I had to read it twice and then again slowly to be sure it was definitely nonsense.)  Cheesy
Bit fed up being harassed at intervals about this – as if, with the house on fire, I was really going to take the time to switch the computer on, log in, plug in a headset, and use Broadband Phone to call 999. Think I'll just click on 'Opt-Out' and kill the problem....