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Hold music and random test

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Hold music and random test

Not a request, gripe or anything else, more being curious.
I decided to see what I could do with sjphone and my GXP2000 this evening and getting the conference features to work.
By god. Out of the box from configuration of sjphone I did the following.
Dialed my own SIP id from the GXP and answered it on my lappy. Placed it on hold and was pleasantly shocked to find hold music.
This generates a question. Where does this hold music originate?
My guess is the Gradwell server. If so, big, big, BIG up.
This makes what I am intending to use my SIP phone for all that much more easier.
In addition to doing this, I then hit line 2 on my GXP and dialled my SIP id again, answered it on sjphone. I then conferenced them in, which in effect gave me 3 streams IIRC.
2 from my GXP for the conferenced calls they had running. 1 live sjphone session and 1 of the sjphone sessions was effectively on hold as a result of all this, but resulted in the hold music from that hold being broadcast down the three live streams.
My big shock is that I would I would have been creating a loop on the GXP by doing what I was doing, so I am confused there, as I had zero feedback through the call.
Needless to say, this ad-hoc test of sjphone impressed me through what I found, when all I intended to do was confirm the settings.
For the hold music I heard. Now I know it god damned tough to get any sort of selection that can be deem correct for this application, but can I just see, what music is there is smack bang spot on.
It works on every level and I am unsure of any application/environment the music wouldn't apply to.
Add that to our great feature band-waggon
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Re: Hold music and random test

Quote from: P
Where does this hold music originate?
My guess is the Gradwell server. If so, big, big, BIG up.

Must be. My router is the registered device for the plusnet/gradwell number & I know full well it's not a media server. It routes incoming calls to an eyeBeam client that also doesn't do music on hold. I rang my number from my mobile, put it on hold with eyeBeam & got the music. Not sure I agree with you about the choice of music, but at least it's not 'Four Seasons'.
Nice feature though & like you, it makes it easier for me to do what I eventually want to do with the system.
I think I read somewhere that 2 simultaneous calls was the limit on these accounts, but that's a commercial rather than a technical decision.
I'm very impressed with the Gradwell operation.