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Help needed with Andoid 2.3 tablet setup

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Help needed with Andoid 2.3 tablet setup

I've just purchased a tablet PC running Android 2.3 which has Wifi but no 3G built-in.  I'd like to be able to able to use it for very occasional (as in maybe a handful of times a month for very brief calls) VoIP and also SMS (more likely to be used on a regular basis).  I'm in the frustrating position of knowing that all the necessary elements exist to allow this, but I cannot fathom what is the best/most cost effective way of doing so.
One thing I;ve looked at is purchasing a Mifi unit from the likes of 3.  So then my tablet could connect to the Wifi in the Mifi unit, and that then talks to the 3G network.  And, of course, I'll need software like Sipphone or 3CX on my tablet (and Handcent for the SMS). But what else? I think I'll need to sign up to a VoiP service somewhere so that I can call and receive calls from landlines and to send and receive SMS, so that then got me wondering about my PlusNet account.  I then looked at the PlusNet information about 'broadband phone' but it seemed very off-putting.  If I just wanted to use VoiP from my home PC, I;ve no doubt that I could easily do so  (indeed, I have made use of Skype a few times, althoug will not using that any longer), but trying to find out how to use VoIP from a mobile device that isn;t already a phone is proving rather frustratingly difficult at the moment!  It's not a question of software setup(I'm sure I'll be able to muddle through that when teh time comes), it;s knowing what;s the right combination of things necessary to make it happen, and whether or not I should be thinking in terms of using teh PlusNet Voip - and if that will make things any easier/cheaper - or whether I should be looking at something other than PlusNet for Voip provision.
Any help with this would be much appreciated!
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Re: Help needed with Andoid 2.3 tablet setup

I’ve no direct experience of using PlusNet VOIP on Android but from reading other posts on this board it doesn’t look like it would be too difficult.
If you don’t already have one, you will first need to apply for a VOIP account – there is some information here The tariff information is here
It looks like the preferred softphone for Android is 3CX and I’m sure someone will be available to help you with settings if you require.