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Gradwell = Gossiptel?

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Gradwell = Gossiptel?

Did Gradwell not have something to do with Gossiptel a few years back? - I think I have been using VoIP for about 2 or 3 years now instead of my BT line and initially went with Gossiptel as they where the most price competitive supplier at the time for international calls. Then they just dissapeared from the face of the earth with all my credit and no reasonable explanation. Their servers dissapeared (unreachable) and phonelines went dead a few months after that. (great if you just had a load of business cards made with the number advertised on it).
Since then I have been with Sipgate who have been supplying  me with an excellent service and had at the time more attractive pricing then Plusnet who where just starting their service. So I guess that the Gradwell choice does not really encourage me to move my VoIP services into Plusnet even if prices may be competitive now (Have not checked up to date pricing).
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Re: Gradwell = Gossiptel?

My understanding is that Gradwell built the control panel and asterisk server for Gossiptel (Much as they have done for PlusNet). That does not make Gradwell and Gossiptel the same people though.
The problem when you are a B2B supplier is how easy it is for your service to get tarnished by something that happens to a company you sold service to. I'm not sure what we can do to change your perception of Gradwell, but I would reiterate the point - Gradwell = Gossiptel = Nope!