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Fring & Openzone Hotspots

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Fring & Openzone Hotspots

has anyone tried using the Fring software with an Openzone hotspot? Im trying to work out whether the software navigates around the login page and somehow stores the credentials once your prompted to connect to the network.
I think BT Openzone is WISPr compliant (see: then fring can auto detect Openzone hotspots and auto log in, when the fring client is set up correctly and the user has an OpenZone account.
Any tried this yet?
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Re: Fring & Openzone Hotspots

Hi Rich,
I'd be surprised if this is possible, as you actually have to select your supplier from a drop-down on the Openzone gateway before being pushed to a walled garden for the provider in question.
e.g. When our Wi-Fi service was up and running you'd select Plusnet from a drop-down on the Openzone landing page which would then push you to a walled garden at Here you'd have to authenticate again against our RADIUS servers before you were able to browse the web.
It might be different for BT Internet users but I wouldn't know without registering an account and giving it a go.
Googling casts some doubt on whether or not BTO is actually WISPr compliant too.

Bob Pullen
Plusnet Products Team
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