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Feedback .....on Top Ups

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Feedback .....on Top Ups

Plusnet keeps sending me e-mails (dozens of them) asking for feedback, so here it is.
My first PAYG top up took 10 days+  The next is going just as painfully.  I get the warning my credit is low, so I raise the question to make the payment.  I get an answer saying payment has been made, but my credit still runs out, mid-call.  There's no credit showing on my account, so I raise another question.  After a few hours, the credit appears on the account but I still can't make calls, and every time I try I get FOUR e-mails telling me I'm out of credit and I need to top up. 
Is it just me who has these problems? 
How long should it take from top-up request to credit actually being applied (and not just showing in the account)?  Did I get blocked because my credit ran out while the top up was being processed?  I'd appreciate some advice on how to manage this service, because I'm struggling at the moment.  If I had an "anytime" subscription, would it be a lot simpler, or just as bad?
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Re: Feedback .....on Top Ups

I've only ever done it once, and it went very smoothly.  Opened the ticket requesting a tenner, then got a reply about 2 hours later and it was showing (and then being used!) on my account.  That must have been 5 or 6 months ago so things may have changed.