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Concerns with SJphone softphone

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Registered: 15-01-2008

Concerns with SJphone softphone

Just set up SJPhone with new Gradwell VoIP service and can make basic calls out and receive but have some concerns about potential limitation:
- there doesn't seem to be a way to import contacts from Outlook into the address book I know there is an Outlook tab but this isn't picking up my main Contacts folder and so I'd rather have manual control. Is there a back door into the address book?
- the SJlabs website and forum don't seem to have been updated for about 12 months. Is this really a currently supported product
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Re: Concerns with SJphone softphone

Hi sgkconsulting
I installed the phone last week, and it seems fine.  I can get to my Outlook contacts by clicking on <menu>, <contact>, <Outlook contacts>
Or (an alternative I've just found) click on the blue handset at the bottom right.
I can't remember how I installed exactly, but I think one of the options was to import my Outlook contacts.