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Call Waiting

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Registered: 22-11-2011

Call Waiting

I have a Grandstream GXP-2000 and have just received notification of an incoming call when I was making a call. I have searched the Plusnet support site and this forum, and can not find any instructions for using it. Can anyone point me to a web page, and any instructions for accepting/rejecting/putting a call on hold and switching back.
Any help great fully received.
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Re: Call Waiting

Found the following manual which may help:
Excerpt from it -
2. Incoming multiple calls: When another call comes in while having an active call, the phone will produce a Call Waiting tone (stutter tone). Next available lines will flash red (as described in section 4.3.2). Answer the incoming call by pressing its corresponding LINE button. The current active call will be put on hold.

HTH  Smiley