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BT Voyager 220V setup help

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BT Voyager 220V setup help

I am trying to set up my parents voice router (BT Voyager 220V)
voice set up
Interface name: ppp_0_38_1
SIP transport protocol(TCP=6,UDP=17): 17
SIP transport port: 5060
SIP Registrar address:
SIP Registrar port: 5060
SIP Outbound Proxy address:
SIP Outbound Proxy port: 5082
SIP Proxy address:
SIP Proxy port: 5060
Phone1 --  number:202***    caller name:202***    user name:202***    password:*********
Phone2 --  number:    caller name:    user name:    password:
Preferred codec: G711A
Country Profile(US=1 EU=2 UK=3 NL=4 FR=5 SE=7 BE=8 JP=9 CN=10 FI=11 NO=12) : 3
PSTN line prefix: 5
Each digit timer : 5
Timeout of .T    : 2
I have had to remove the 4 form the start of voip number to make it register
It will not phone out or in, but do get a dial tone
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Re: BT Voyager 220V setup help

Your settings look ok to me. Comparing them with this thread,1329.0.html for the old PlusTalk voip they look fine for the new system.
Have you checked the account works with a softphone ?