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A Subtle Change to the VOIP Control Panel

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A Subtle Change to the VOIP Control Panel

When logging into the VOIP Control Panel recently (as a result of the call barring issue) there has been a message on the front page indicating that my VOIP Device password did not conform to the required standards.
When going to the extensions page to check on / modify my password I noticed a RESET button but no other means of changing my password.  When clicking on the RESET button a password is automatically allocated and activated.  There is no option to choose your own password even though the information message indicates that you are able to do so (and were able to do so in the past).
I presume that this has been introduced as another security measure in addition to the call barring and IP ACL measures discussed elsewhere.
Now off to change the password on my various devices ...
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Re: A Subtle Change to the VOIP Control Panel

It has been this way for quite a while now, i remember finding out the hard way about the reset button Smiley
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