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2 extensions since old accounts merged across?

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2 extensions since old accounts merged across?

When I got to the voicemail summary page ( ), I now have two extensions listed. I can see the beta trial extension I am using, and also another which is similar to my old Plusnet ext on the old platform. I am guessing that this is since the transfer in of the old accounts from PlusNet a few weeks ago.
All the voicemails I receive are shown as coming to the beta ext, and none to the old plusnet ext. Would this change if I tried logging in with my old plusnet voip account details?
Is there any implication of this? Can I use both extensions? Is one just there as a redirect to the other? I assume the beta trial extension number is the main account number (as it was setup first) and the other one is just a extra on the account?
If I am using my beta trial login details and am happy with that is there a reason to keep the other extension? Any advantages or disadvantages? Is it even possible to delete this other extension even if I wanted to? Will it affect the PSTN number redirects (new geographic or old 0845)?
The only implication I have found is that for some reason when trying to use the "call from website" feature in the directory, it defaults to the transferred in ext, rather than the beta trial one I am using. Not that I managed to get that feature to ring me on either ext anyway.
If there is no implications or gains either way, then I guess I'm better to stay as I am without changing anything, as it is always potentially dangerous to rock the boat, when all is working correctly.
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Re: 2 extensions since old accounts merged across?

What 2nd extension Wink
This was indeed the result of the migration from the old platform and was the old SIP ID prefixed with a 4 for numbering reason (also makes it a give-away that it is a migration).
You could have used it, but it served no purpose other than to confuse.
I have removed it and it should simplify things for you in the future.