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Submitted a ticket to the boffins about this, but am also interested in the forum responses.

I am unable to get to (cough, cough) from my home connection (but can from the office) - a colleague has also confirmed he cannot connect to this website from his connection either

There is some url redirections taking place when accessing this website and I can connect to... (which was copied from the webpage which loaded on a different internet connection)

Can anyone else confirm whether or not they can access If not then there is some internal routing problem within!

Nope, I get "The page canot be displayed".


Can't get to it either. Is it part of sharethegroove?
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No, cant get it either "page cannot be displayed" curious.

Right..its deffinately a routing issue then! Will sit tight and wait for their reply to my ticket :!:

Well, I don't see how this can be a PlusNet issue to be honest, although, i admit, I can't see the site either.

Traceroutes to the main site work fine, as do those to the redirected site.

For all purposes, there is nothing wrong with the connection between my computer and there site, but connections fails.

This sugests problems with one of the transit providers between here and Suprnova

Yeah fair point - pings and tracert's work fine as you say....but we cannot deny that somewhere in the transit, somethings going wrong, as it works from my office and from a dial-up connection (just tested it)

For now, us guyz n girlz can use....

for all our (wink) torrent requirements Wink
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Cheers for the link , and the regular nova sites aren't working for me either, mind u there's always a torrent site in sweden, also read on the site that Dreamworks wrote to them in regard to content, the reply is really funny too.
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The fact that you can resolve and ping/tracert the site means there is no routing issue. Ping time are also good so that also indicates no routing issues.

The fact that the site is not responding to connection attempts on port 80 (HTTP) suggests they have a problem with their web server.

Also the fact that other related sites are also down suggests they have a much bigger problem with their webserver (or the host of the domains).

All of the above does not indicate a PlusNet issue. You will need to contact the owner of the site or the hosting service to find out why the websites are not accessable.

Suprnova is renowned for having problems because of the way they run. They have a load balancing machine at which the domain is pointed, and many unreliable mirrors. It would appear there is a problem with the load balancing machine (which is used to select the fastest mirror) which would make the site unaccessible. As Peter has mentioned, there are no PlusNet-related problems with this site.

well according to the people that run the site the site is where the issues lie im afraid, its a shame really hey who knows maybe plusnet would be willing up knock up a reliable mirror for them (if only for pn customers) Tongue

Thanks for everyones just SEEMED like a plusnet issue at first because I have no problem when using a dial up isp such as my old freeserve account or from my work location.

Anyway....... Cool

if your on plusnet goto and you can move about from there Smiley I might add that on my ntl line I get the same problem (yup im one of those lucky people able to get dsl and cable).

I was connecting fine on my 512 ADSL but since upgrading to 2MB i'm getting timed out

it does this it goes up and down a lot, when you had 512k it was probably up fine but then in second it can go offline just keep trying every day or so eventually they will get it sorted.