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woosh test results


woosh test results

had my line checked in april/may 2005, these are the results

xDSL Status Check OK
Circuit Information
Circuit In Sync
Upstream xDSL Link Info
Loop Loss 31.5 dB
Cell Count 43668
Downstream xDSL Link Info
Loop Loss 53 dB
Cell Count 1330977

they don't really mean much to me... :roll:

am on 1mb at the moment, think that will be my limit as things stand

what are the noise limits for 2mb +
and is there anywhere i can check whether my exchange has been upgraded?
it was supposed to be aug 2005 but don't think anything has been done yet.
tried speaking with BT but they didn't have a clue!!

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woosh test results

The killer in your case is the 53dB Downstream loss which limits you to 1meg.
As a general rule a noise Margin of less than 10 dB would cause instability in a connection.
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woosh test results


The attentuation limits for a 2mb line is 43db, anything above this and BT wont be able to provide a reliable connection.

As for exchange upgrades, if you're talking about the bulk regrades that BT are in the process of completing for us, these wouldn't see any change to the line stats themselves, as its just a case of a BT engineer upgrading individual connections.

woosh test results

seems as though the only option is to move house!!

can't wait to tell the mrs :lol: