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whoosh test results


whoosh test results

just got the whoosh test results back and was sadly told i was unable to get a 1mb connection ,ive currently got a 512,i was wondering what the limits are and how close i am to getting 1mb ,my results are ,, internal
Circuit Information

Circuit In Sync

Upstream ADSL Link Info

Loop Loss 28.5 dB

Cell Count 541070

Downstream ADSL Link Info

Loop Loss 55 dB

Cell Count 39167
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whoosh test results

Under 45dB. Previously discussed in this thread.
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whoosh test results

The problem is the 55dB loss.

The limit is 41 so you are well outside that. In fact before the fgure was relaxed you would only just be able to have the 512k.

Sorry to say that you have no chance at the moment of getting the 1 meg connection.

whoosh test results

cheers for the replys ,have to make do with what ive got then,,,,, :?