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which modem for Windows XP


which modem for Windows XP

Hi all

Got plusnet at work and wish to install at home. I understand USB modems use alot of PC power. Are PCI modems better. If so, which brand should I purchase for win XP.

Many thanks.

which modem for Windows XP

Personally, I'd forget a modem altogether and go for a firewall/router.
Connect it to your PC via ethernet.

This way, you get the best of all worlds
- the router will keep you always connected,
- you can connect multiple PCs on your network
- the firewall will help keep out the nasties
- it doesn't require the PC to supply it with power
- it's independent of which OS you're running on your PC
- there's no possibility of strange hardware conflicts with other stuff on your PC
- no drivers to install (other than your ethernet driver, which will come with XP anyhow)
... need I say more?

There's lots to choose from (go look at at their hardware reviews). I like the Draytek Vigor 2600. Buy online for next-day delivery - I've used DSL Source twice now and have no complaints.

Hope this helps.

which modem for Windows XP

Ian's article HERE lists the advantages/disadvantages of each type of modem.

The only disadvantage of using a router is that unless your computers already have ethernet cards, you will have to install these (or get someone else to do it).

which modem for Windows XP


hi just joined plus net and am running XP with a netgear DG824M wireless modem, router with firewall. i have to say it was pretty easy to set it up on my PC and a MAC.

i tried getting hold of the Draytek 2600, without much luck.

connection is fantastic & i live next door to a tube station..,...

good luck

which modem for Windows XP

Sorry didn't check form for awhile.

Thank you all for your help. Smiley

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