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which is better results???

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which is better results???

Lower attenuations are better, higher SNR are better.

Your signal strength has actually increased by 50% (21db -> 19.5dB) and signal loss has reduced (i.e. your line quality has improved so your signal is better) (24db -> 27dB).

You are better off.

See ADSL: Understanding Line Loss and measurements.

FYI near end is downstream and far end is upstream.

which is better results???

Hi folks,

right here is my questio.... I recently had a problem with my telephone line ( an unbalanced copper line is what BT saidHuh) and they switched me to another telephone exchange. The proble is I do not know if i am better or worse off. I want get the max speeds possible and hopefully get the upgrade to 4 or 8 meg or whatever...... here are my results before and after they switched me to the new exchange.... can anyone comment on if i was better before or after or if there is not much differenceHuh?

Attenuation Near End: 21
Far End: 13.5
SNR MarginNear End: 24
Far End: 31

Attenuation Near End: 19.5
Far End: 13.5
SNR MarginNear End: 27
Far End: 31