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when can i use plusnet at home pls?


when can i use plusnet at home pls?

It is so difficult to find the way to sort out my problem, although mine is nothing but sending the modem you promised.

when can i use plusnet at home pls?

Cherryqianyili, You're not the only one.

I am getting to the stage where I am seriously disappointed with the service I'm getting. I placed the order for broadband SIX WEEKS AGO and on Saturday, Plus disconnected my dialup account and connected me to broadband WITHOUT SENDING ME A ROUTER.

What is the point in this? After phoning customer support on Sunday, being subjected to the usual half-hour wait, I was told that my router was sitting in the despatch department. Why wasn't it posted? Why had they turned off my free access THAT I AM PAYING FOR and turned on broadband that they knew I couldn't use? As consolation, I am not being billed for broadband until I get the hardware and inform tech support. I wonder how I should go about doing that? after half an hour, I can't find a 'raise a question' link like there used to be anywhere on the site. Do I detect a lack of interest on behalf of Plus, regarding their agonised customers?

There is currently no indication that the router has been posted and I cannot find ANY way of contacting plus online, as I am not happy with listening to the 'all our staff are busy' message for another half hour whilst I pay for another jar of coffee for the call centre canteen with my call.

Come on, Plus, give me back some confidence in the company my family and friends have been using since the late 1990s!

I'm off to see if there's a regulatory authority or ombudsman for ISPs.

How many other people have had, or are having this problem? MAKE YOURSELVES KNOWN! Lets see how many of us are being badly treated by the people we trust and pay for a good service!

Good luck, Cherry! I hope someone will take some notice here!