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what should i do?


what should i do?

hey all

im currenly paying 18.99 for adsl homesurf package, it seems like plusnet mess has been cleared up. So ive got a few question that maybe you people can help with.

Are there still going to be free speed upgrades?

ive also noticed that 21.99 for 2mb premier < if i upgrade to this will i have to pay any sort of fee for doing so?

thanks :shock:
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what should i do?

I recomend you upgrade to "Broadband Premier - Up to 2MB" using the upgrade tool in the portal.

This will cost a £14.99 regrade fee. It will be worth it tho.

what should i do?

or wait until the free upgrade in the summer, this applies to home surf customers too i think? :?
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what should i do?

This will cost a £14.99 regrade fee.

Nope. As it's an upgrade and you pay more each month, the upgrade will be free.

If you mean pay £14.99 to get the speed upgrade now then yes, it will cost that amount.


homesurf users will still get the 2Mbs speed upgrade announced earlier for free but you may have to wait a few months for it to happen. If you want the faster speed now you have to move to the boadband premier account and pay for the speed upgrade as detailed above.