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what if you can't get the Mac code?


what if you can't get the Mac code?

I am trying to get somone hooked up on PN.

Does anyone know if AOL will allow them to keep their default pop account?

The other thing, the have yet to reply with the MAC code... If they don't give it can we just go ahead and order an account with PN? Their contract has run out with AOL

Thanks for looking
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what if you can't get the Mac code?

Where's Stephen when you need him. :razz:

Seriously, I don't know what AOL's policy on e-mail accounts is.

As for the other question; AFAIK no.
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what if you can't get the Mac code?


Without a MAC code, you can't migrate accross and there is nothing we can do to force AOL to provide one or force BT to authorise a migration.

You could terminate your contract with AOL in full, but this would leave you without internet for a period, whilst the systems catch up and allow us to order broadband on the service. A minimum of 2 weeks.

I can't be sure if they still do, but AOL provide a product that isn't well advertised, that will allow you to access the AOL software and your email, although you don't actually receive dialup or broadband from them.

There used to be and likely still is (if the product is available) a monthly charge for this.

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and you think you have problems

I notice that the gentleman from Plusnet customer support, took quite a few months to reply to the initial query - well over a year to be honest. In my innocence, I moved my broadband service along with my office at the beginning of November. My problem was that I kept the same telephone number (good business practice I thought). Was I wrong or what!

To start with, everything was fine. I contacted Plusnet, paid my money, and was up and running in no time. I didn't apply for a mac code, as I was moving my physical line although keeping the number, and the code would not, as I understand it, be necessary. Then my former supplier, whose contract I allowed to lapse, sent a 'cessasion of service' notice to BT Wholesale. I see you're ahead of me! Yep. BT Wholesale cut off my Plusnet connection, and since the 10th November or so, I have had no broadband connection.

It gets better though. Plusnet say the problem is with BT Wholesale, and not themselves. As an end user, I cannot complain or even contact BT Wholesale. Now, almost a month down the road, Plusnet advised me in a telephone call, that the quickest way of sorting the mess out, would be a completely new request for service to BT Wholesale - another 7-10 days. This however has not been confirmed, as no-one is answering my tickets.

As final evidence of who is in control here, I am informed that I will have to pay for my non-existant service since - wait for it - the problem was not caused by Plusnet.

Let someone at Plusnet do without business broadband at their office for a month and see how they get on. I still have no idea when or indeed if I will get my service back - and I'm paying for it in the meantime.

This is clearly a definiition of 'customer service' of which I had hitherto been completely unaware.

what if you can't get the Mac code?

Sorry to hear about your problems.

firstly i'm not sure what you mean about taking over a year to responds, my colleguee responded ot this just over 24 hours after the initial posting was made. IT may be that your date/time is set wrong in this forum and you should visit your "profile" link to remedy that.

Secondly your ticket is not getting responses becuase it is in a pool outside of the customers support centre and so is not actively montiored. IF you wish to ask further questions then please raise a seperate ticket to do so. Providing your follow the correct route the new ticket will land with us in the CSC who work 24 hours a day and actively monitor tickets so it will not go unanswered.

I do apologise for the situation you are in but looking through the details it does not appear to have been of our making, however useful an apology from me may be when the problem was caused elsewhere is I do not know but I offer one anyway.

We do have an open fault with BT regarding your connection and are awaiting an update.




First of all it is my turn to offer an apology. I must have been tired and very fed up when I flamed you yesterday. Of course, I was confusing the 'join' date of the member making the initial query, with the date of the query itself. I offer my unreserved apologies to you for the error on my part, and the way in which it was phrased. Shockedops:

I do think however that I have a valid claim to be frustrated if not annoyed by my experience. It's all very well of you to sit there and say that the problem was not of your making: you are stating the literal truth here, but you are ignoring a number of important issues. Firstly, my only point of contact is with Plusnet, as my supplier of broadband service of choice. Until I had my problems changing address and broadband supplier at the same time, I had little idea of the role in the whole business played by BT Wholesale. Unfortunately, I cannot contact them, and my contract for provision of service is with yourselves. When things go wrong, I feel I am entitled to expect that you will make every effort to sort things out. Given the length of time I have been without service (whoever is responsible), I feel justified in believing that you are just not taking enough interest in my problems.

Your response to my complaint about the tickets is interesting. Clearly I was using the wrong forum so to speak. I'm glad you put me straight on that, because, to be honest, I didn't know until yesterday that this forum existed. It was only by typing a few key words into my search ending that I stumbled over you so to speak. Do you advertise your existance on the Plusnet home page?

On the broad issue of switching service providers, I suppose you have seen the latest Oftel report on exactly this issue, which seems to confirm that my problem is not exactly an isolated issue. Plusnet might earn more than a few brownie points if they applied themselves to a more user friendly approach to welcoming those of us brave enough to make the decision to migrate to a new supplier.

By the way. How is it that a cease notice from one supplier can cut of the service provided by another? No-one has been able to give a satisfactory explanation yet - and I can't contact BT Wholesale for comment!!

Re AOL MAC code

I too have just signed up with Plus Net, I am currently using AOL my contract expires on 29/12/2005, I telephoned the customer support number and chose option 3, "cancelling a service" requested a MAC code, tey tried to tell me it wouldn't work but I was insistent and the e-mailed it me the same day, I have now given this to Plus Net and hopefully my migration will go through on 30/12/05.
So ring customer support and demand what you are entitled to don't let them fob you off.
Hope this helps

what if you can't get the Mac code?

garethjames, I wouldn't describe that as flaming. Try slashdot on -1 for real flaming.

I'm sure the CS reps would class that as more of a light toasting.

I hope you get a speedy resolution.

Migrated at last

Thanks guys. Just to let you know that the mac code doesn't help if you are physically moving you phone line - even if you are keeping the same number. I finally sorted the problem by sending an e-mail to the contact address for BT Wholesale (yes they actually have a website address you can contact them on)

I didn't get a reply, but a couple of days later my service re-activated as if by magic! It seems the message finally got through.

Several days later there was still no progress on my plusnet ticket, and I closed it myself.

My advice to anyone wishing to migrate broadband service providers is:

1. Dont do it at the same time as moving your telephone line.
2. Always get a mac code.
3. Pray to a god of your choice :roll:

If you are moving your line but keeping the number, get that done BEFORE migrating.

This has been one hard lesson. I'm glad it's finally over.

what if you can't get the Mac code?


Glad to hear it has been sorted.... Thanks for the tips. My only thing to get sorted is their AOL mail ......