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what exactly do you have to do to get support from Plusnet?


what exactly do you have to do to get support from Plusnet?

I remember back to the days when I joined, and spent nearly a months worth of broadband charges on phone calls just trying to get connected to plusnet

I now find myself many months later, after some let's say, intermittent broadband access, having to switch providers actually against my wishes as, issues above aside, I've had no problems with Plusnet otherwise

So I posted a question on the help assistant on Tuesday querying the need for a MAC code if the account holder is different, duly noting the advised average 4 hour wait

I posted a request for a MAC code anyway on the Wednesday having recieved no reply, and not finding any other conlusive advice.

I now sit here on Saturday, still with both quetions unanswered. Now the cynic in me suggests that perhaps enquiries about leaving are probably not handled all that quickly, if at all.

So i'm left wondering,

a) what you actually have to do to get support from Plusnet, seeing as the help assistant is the advised method of customer interaction,

and b) why are Plusnet so naive as to assume that someone leaving might not in a few months time be looking again for another supplier (as I actually will be) and that good service influences that decision quite a lot. Bad service even more so.
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what exactly do you have to do to get support from Plusnet?

I don't know how to get support from them, but I do know they stop listening when you mention any fault with their DNS!

Infact most of the time they just stop listening...
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