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what do these stats mean?


what do these stats mean?

router showing the following:

Operation Data

Upstream Downstream

Noise Margin 25 dB 9.5 dB

Output Power 10.5 dBm 20 dBm

Attenuation 19.5 dB 33 dB

I'm syncing at 7008 down and 448 up and download average is 340k

This is on a belkin router,

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what do these stats mean?

If some is able to help me get a better idea of what I can expect I'd also be grateful. not sure if these stats are why I'm only getting downlaod speeds of 2.5 mbps or if its bt and plusnet throttling my line somewhere.



DSL Status : Up
DSL Modulation Mode : GDMT
DSL Path Mode : FAST
Downstream Rate : 7424 Kbps never below 7000Kbps
Upstream Rate : 448 Kbps
Downstream Margin : 6 db
Upstream Margin : 23 db
Downstream Line Attenuation : 47
Upstream Line Attenuation : 24
Downstream Transmit Power : 0
Upstream Transmit Power : 0