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vpn-connection to germany


vpn-connection to germany


i need help. i am a administrator from germany. i want create a connection
with our uk-office, but i am not sure how the plusnet-dsl works. our dealer don't also know how to configure the line with our special router. so maybe someone can help me.

we got a line from plusnet (broadband xDSL-line ratio 20:1 "always on"). we got four static ip-adresses and the last point of the dsl-line is the splitter.
so my work is now to install a modem which transfer the dsl to ethernet.
connect after this a cisco 1721 router (3DES, VPN, FIREWALL-Modul).

how can i do this?
which modem should i use? i need only the simple transfer from dsl to ethernet. i want terminate the connection with vpn/firwall on the cisco router.
had someone the same installation?

thank you for any help!

greetings from germany.


vpn-connection to germany


What you need is a basic ADSL router, which will take the line from the telephone point and then present it in ethernet form for connection to your Cisco router - we supply a Solwise SAR110 router with our own ADSL starter packs which is a very cost effective device.
It would then be a simple case of forwarding all the traffic through the ADSL router to your Cisco one.
Unfortunately we do not supply these seperately, but they are available from may online retailers.

thanks for your answer - but i have a few more questions

thanks for your answer - but i have a few more questions.

do the modem works without any additonal functions? if the modem works
with functions we will running in trouble. is on the modem really only
the transfer from dsl to ethernet without NAT, Encryption and so on, possible?

we got a block of four static-ips (f.e. - .
which one from these are reserved (f.e. brodcast)?

i need two static ips on the cisco-side (because we want splitt vpn and internetaccess). what must i configure on the solwise side?
do i (or must i) configure a static ip for the solwise?

how to i have to configure the static ip on the the wan-side or on the lan-side of the solwise-modem ?

can i (or must i) configure a static route from the modem to the cisco-router?

do you have a sample configuration for the solwise-modem with a router/firewall behind?

do you know exactly that this modem works with a ciscorouter (installed with vpn/firewall/nat)?

how must i configure the dsl-modem when i want that the line is "always on", because i want initiate the vpn-tunnel from the german office router (also a cisco) to uk-router cisco 1721 and also in the other direction.

is this line really always on (without any interrupt)? also witout traffic on the line? or will the line close/break down without traffic or after a timeout?

sorry for my stupid questions - but my last trip to london was not so lucky.

thanks for all your help!


vpn-connection to germany

You can configure the Solwise SAR110 to just pass the traffic through. Can't comment on other models or makes though !