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vpn access problems

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vpn access problems

What firmware are you using in the DG814. The latest is v4.10 so if your not using that, try it.

vpn access problems

Hi all,

I've a problem connecting via VPN to a remote computer. A friend has already connected via vpn to this computer, however his setup is different. He is on cable (modem) and is running XP professional.

I am (obviously) on ADSL using a netgear DG814 router and Windows 2000 (SP4).

The message I get is:
720: could not agree on PPP control protocols

Either there are no PPP network control protocols configured for your connection, or the corresponding network protocol is not installed. This error may occur when the type of network protocol is changed during the product upgrade process.
For information about adding a network protocol, see To add a network component.

My friend uses PPTP to connect, which I have set up in the connection properties. I've added the PPTP to the port forwarding in the DG814 router settings although I'm not sure this is required. I've disabled my software firewall while trying all this.... but I've found no way of disabling any security on the router to eliminate this as the problem.

Has anyone any experience of the problem I'm having?


vpn access problems

Thnx for your reply.

I tried the latest firmware and the modem is unusable for me (disconnects every few minutes). So I rolled back to version 4.4 iirc.

I might try a few firmware releases in between, although how netgear can release the latest firmware with obvious bugs is beyond me!!! :roll: