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voyager 210 with linksys wrt54g


voyager 210 with linksys wrt54g

Hi everyone,

Ive ordered plus net internet and ive chosen the voyager 210 router, and i wondered if i connect the ethernet to my linksys wrt54g wireless router with 4 port switch , will i be able to connect to the internet with this setup, since im pratically just connecting a modem to my router. The reason for this is i need my pc to be wired, i have another pc in another room which is wireless, a pda which is wireless and my xbox which i need to FTP to etc which can only be setup with a router and i also may be taking this wireless.

So the bottom line is, will the modem still be happy connecting to the net even though its plugged into a router instead of a pc. Ive also seen the problem that both devices might want the ip, but i can fix this easily.


voyager 210 with linksys wrt54g

Helpful man on customer support stated it can be used, since the voyager 210 has an ethernet out, and the router has an ethernet in for the connecton.

Thanks plusnet Cool
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voyager 210 with linksys wrt54g

the best way to do it is stick the 210 in full bridged mode and connect with pppoe on the wrt54g. follow this guide for the 210 and then setup the router.

this is what i did (assuming you've not changed anything for default setup):

connect directly to the 210. go to the advanced tab, PPP page, delete all ppp interfaces. go to EOA page, hit add, change default route to disabled and leave rest at defaults. go to IP routing page and disable nat. go to bridging page, ensure eth-0 and eoa-0 are added and tick the bridging box + apply.

then disconnect your pc from 210 and connect the 210's ethernet cable to the wrt54g's wan port. connect your pc to the wrt54g and go to the adsl set up page.

depending on which firmware you've got on it, you should just be able to select PPPoE and enter your username / password for the isp account.

finally, change the wrt54g's local ip address to (assuming the 210 is still

hopefully that should work, and is probably the best way of connecting the two. if not, you can try just changing the 54g's ip address and that should work just as well, but for technical reasons (double nat'ing etc) you should probably try to get it set up as above.

the only downside is you won't be able to access the 210's setup page like this, you'll have to connect directly to it if you want to see sync stats etc.