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very dissapointing


very dissapointing

Ive just moved into a brand new house, 4 weeks old now, with brand new copper wires going back to the exchange, which according to is 591 metres from the exchange.

This exchange is now maxed up to the 8 meg and even though i understand that i have to wait for that upgrade im still only getting 1 meg!

The answer i got from BT when i asked them why i only got 1 meg was because my line could only support 1 meg. Incredible to think that you have a brand new house with new copper, new sockets, new adsl router and they blame the line condition for my 1 meg.

its so frustrating when you hear all the other stories of adsl users getting 2 meg let alone, 4, 6 and 8. And dont even start me off on my cable buddies who have just been upgraded to 10 meg!
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very dissapointing

Just because you are that close to the exchange does not mean you actual line length is that short.

You may actually have been connected to the end of a very long line that goes around the town. I knew someone who could see the exchange at the nd of the road but their line was actually > 4KM.

Does your ADSL equipment show line stats (line attenusation SNR.margin), if so, post them and that may give you the reason why you can only get 1Mbs.

Also what does the BT ADSL checker say that your line will take. If that only states 1Mbs or does not recognise your number at all (due to it being so new) then that could explain why you only got 1Mbs.