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N/A authentication

I'm having trouble configuring grabit as my newsgroup reader. Due to the problems i had with grabit I tried using outlook express instead, however this also failed. Seems to be a problem authenticating.

Configuration details:
Server name =
however not sure what details are required, if any at all, for the account name and password. Tried the usual details but still no success.

if i omit the account and password details I get the following error;

480 Authentication required for command

Protocol: NNTP
Port: 119
Secure(SSL): 0
Error Number: 480
Code: 800ccca2

windows firewall is off, router firewall allowing traffic on port 119.

any ideas?
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Access to the plusnet usenet servers does not require any authentication. Access is limited to PlusNet IPs only so that is used to determin access, not your username/pass.

So I don't know why you are getting the messages you are seeing unless there is still a config error in your client OR you are trying to access the usenet servers from a non-plusnet IP.
N/A authentication

Thanks for reply now sorted. Had a feeling it was down to IP once i'd submitted the post