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urgent help: sync light on router continually flashing


urgent help: sync light on router continually flashing

hi everbody

please help before i go raving mad

last year i changed from ntl to plus net i purchased from plus net a dynmode adsl modem upgraded my phone line to broadband & purchased locally a four port hub to connect my self and my son to the interenet, all worked ok , but it meant i have to listen to my main base unit being used as a server. I usually use my laptop and son his own machine.

Whilst on holiday in holland i purchased a router a Trust 4501 asdsl web station again with four ports to be able to free up my base machine so it was no longer used as a server but as my main computer again.

Now this router has sync neon light on the front to indicate it has connected to the internet which when connected should glow continiouse but it only flashes and will not allow me to connect to the internet.

My son has spoken to plus net and asked thenm by changing from the modem to a router do they need to make any alterations to the setup activating my modem at present which they say is not neccessary and have stated the setup for the modem is the same as required by my new router unplug one, plug in the other and away you go the sync neon should illuminate and glow continuasilly almost immediately connecting me to the internet even before plugging in the cables to the required networking stations.

We also contacted who adviced use first to test the phone lines which we have done . every time i connected the router the sync light just flashes and will not connect to the net , reconnect to the old modem and it connect immediately to the net , obviousely or i wouldnt be typing this e mail to you all now. They say if the liones are ok which seems to be the case then the router has a fault. Am i, or have they overlooked something?

I f so what am doing wrong does anybody know , or is the new router a dud , can any body help , do you know anybody out there who uses the same router, I would like to here from them or you please before i go nuts.

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urgent help: sync light on router continually flashing


The clue might be the product was not purchased in the UK....

Have you checked the router config to make sure it is using PPoA and not PPoE as the ADSL connection protocol. Also VPI should be set to 0 and VCI set to 38. Because this router was not sourced in the UK it may have different default settings or worse case not be compatible with the BT network - did you check this before purchasing the unit?

Also does the router have a status screen and if so, what does it show?


Peter Cool